Miscellaneous Photos

DAY 2 - Oak Tree on Property Line: Looking down the western property line towards the ridge. Freshly cut cedars are still lying around base of this tree. Cedars behind and to the right of the tree were being cut at the time the photo was taken.

DAY 2 - Big Oak: View taken from the western property line about halfway between the street and the oak tree on the property line. Truck is backed up to haul away cuttings from the cedars located where the garage and end of house will be.

DAY 2 - View from Utilities: View taken from near the corner of the lot where the utilities are located. Big oak is on the left and the grove is on the right.

DAY 2 - View from Oak by the Street: View taken from the base of the oak tree by the street looking across driveway with big oak on the left and the grove on the right.

DAY 2 - Trunk of the Big Oak: View looking up from a low angle at the base of the tree.

DAY 2 - Street Entrance: View likely to be seen from the street as one enters the driveway. Big oak is on the left, grove in the middle, and the oak by the street on the far right.

DAY 2 - Driveway: Likely path of the driveway leading up between the big oak on the left and the grove on the right. In the center of the photo, there is a pile of large cedar limbs that Kevin wanted to keep for other uses.

DAY 2 - View from Front Door: View from the approximate location of the house's formal entrance. The grove is to the left. The big oak is on the right. The driveway would extend of toward the left to the street. The smaller of the two "stumps" is in the foreground. The larger "stump" is out of frame to the right.

DAY 2 - Cutting a Cedar: One of the workers stands at the base of one of the cedars being removed. He has already trimmed away the branches from the right quarter of the tree. This is the view from about where the kitchen entrance might be, looking toward the western property line. The oak on the property line can be seen to the left.